Never Stand Still. 

 Our proven techniques for problem solving and unpicking what’s really going on in your business is a powerful first step in understanding the potential for improvement. This includes engaging your staff in identifying issues impacting their ability to work effectively.


Underpinned by 6 Sigma and lean principles, our approach will constructively challenge how your people work, and provide your teams with the tools and skills to deliver greater value. Our goal is to help you deliver long-term sustainable results that are visible and measurable.

Operational Diagnostic 

We use proven techniques to understand and quantify business improvement opportunities, identify risks and challenges, and develop a plan of how we’ll work with your teams to improve your operational procedures.

We know that every business is different. But our approach is flexible and our team is experienced enough to ensure we don’t miss anything. Your key stakeholders are not only part of identifying the problems but an integral part of the solution.

We’ll agree any specific areas of focus up front, then get straight onto the floor to understand what’s happening at the sharp end. Engaging with your teams at all levels, we’ll rapidly assimilate qualitative information from process observations, team discussions, and one-to-ones. This is coupled with a quantitative analysis of available Management Information relating to people, quality, delivery, and costs, to provide a holistic view of current challenges and opportunities for improvement.

Whether it’s analysing the impact your existing leadership and management system is having on business performance, or the extent to which technology is either enabling success or holding you back, we will deliver an unbiased, quantified, and realistic assessment of opportunities. From this we can develop a plan of action.

Performance Improvement 

We’ll work alongside you using a cross-functional, diagnostic, and customer-focussed approach to analyse end-to-end activities and processes, identifying opportunities to eliminate waste and uncover areas for improvement.

Whether flowing from our Operational Diagnostic or targeting a known area of improvement opportunity, we can work with you to improve your performance in a robust and sustainable way.

Our methodology is underpinned by 6 Sigma process improvement tools and techniques and lean principles in the elimination of waste and non-value-added activity. We use our experience in operational analysis to help change the way your teams think about problem solving. We’ll involve them from the start in defining problems, designing solutions, and improvement activity.

We can also help identify opportunities for automation in a way that’s right for your business. Our goal is to simplify processes, eliminate unnecessary steps, and consolidate work beforehand. So many businesses get this wrong but we’ll help you structure your approach and identify the key levers in your business that can result in the biggest efficiencies.