Businesses Evolve. 

As a business professional you’ll know that customer expectations, staff, costs, performance, technology, regulation, processes, and operating models change over time. And with change comes opportunity.

At Bentley Management & Consulting we can help you take a step back and make sense of the evolving landscape. We will support you to develop strategies and coherent plans, and make those ‘big picture’ decisions, whether it’s a new operating model, new market, new product or re-thinking your customer experience.

You may be considering changing course in an evolving market. You’ll need to understand your options, risks, potential opportunities, costs or savings, and how to structure the organisation afterwards. We can complete full or partial appraisals of your options, including any necessary due diligence – and ensure every angle is covered using our unbiased analytical approach.

You’ll benefit from our extensive industry knowledge. And outsourcing to us frees up your time, allowing you to continue to run your business.

Commercial Strategy 

We will help you to develop a plan of action connecting your internal capabilities to your external commercial activity. This covers everything from sales and marketing to partnerships and mergers, ensuring you stay ahead of your competitors in meeting customer needs.

Our work with organisations across a wide range of sectors supporting strategic design and delivery gives us the breadth of experience to provide fresh analysis and thinking to your current commercial challenges. But we don’t stop there. We will ensure that your strategy is deliverable.

Our objective, analytical approach will help with the creation or renewal of your company Mission, Vision, and Values in line with your company strategy, so you can be sure your staff, customers and stakeholders understand and support your value proposition. We can also help you design and execute your communications plan across all your key stakeholders.

We’ll help you combine internal Management Information and external data to analyse your current position in the market, spot emerging trends, and evaluate the potential risks and opportunities for your business and how they should shape your commercial offer. This can include anything from benchmarking your products and services to analysing whole life costs and pinpointing the best methods of developing and maximising your USP.

Operations Strategy 

We will help you to develop a plan of action detailing how your organisation should utilise its resources to achieve its objectives in the most efficient and effective way. We’ll outline the optimum combination of people, processes, and technology for your business.

Our team have the right skills, experience, and creativity to help your organisation optimise its operations to create a competitive advantage. We’ll deepen your understanding of how every person, every process, and every piece of technology in your business impacts both your costs and your customer experience.

Our approach is underpinned by lean concepts. In particular we focus on maximising customer value – rigorously eliminating everything that adds no value to your customer, and doing everything else as efficiently as possible. This doesn’t always stop within your organisation. We can help you analyse your value and supply chain for opportunities to achieve more.

We’ll help you understand the changes needed to create a culture of continuous improvement. We’ll provide your teams with tried and tested tools and techniques to improve processes, lower costs, improve quality and service, with a focus on increasing customer satisfaction and employee engagement.