Start with the End in Mind. 

We’ll agree what you want to achieve, and if the vision isn’t quite clear we’ll help you shape it.

Business transformation is about fundamentally changing the systems, processes, people and technology across a whole business or business unit. The goal is to achieve measurable improvements in efficiency, effectiveness and customer engagement.

The drive for business transformation may stem from a variety of issues. For example there may be changes in your market or customer requirements, changes to funding or income streams, new regulations, technology shifts, or more intense competition.

Our expertise in data analysis and business modelling together with our strategic thinking, implementation focus, and customer-centric approach will help you transform your business.

We adopt a solutions-focussed, collaborative approach to business transformation and will advise you on the optimum governance, systems, communications strategy, and implementation planning for your organisation, based on your specific business dynamics. This way we can ensure the changes we recommend are sustainable.

Operating Model 

Your Operating Model is the design for key elements of your business, making it possible to deliver both your business strategy and your service proposition. It can become complex and misaligned to your customers for many reasons including market changes, rapid growth, competing priorities, or mergers and acquisitions.

We can help you design and develop an operating model that drives operational performance to meet current customer needs and remains flexible in the longer term.

We can help you review and redesign your Operating Model by:

  • Making sense of how the market is changing and articulate how your operation needs to adapt in response
  • Working closely with your teams to help develop a model that is both aligned to current requirements and flexible for the future
  • Supporting you to deliver your plans, embedding improvements deep in your business to ensure a sustainable long-term impact

Operational Excellence 

We’ll develop a way of working that builds internal capability, with the right metrics to drive performance. We’ll help you build a culture of continuous improvement resulting in lower costs, better quality, and more satisfied customers.

A successful Operational Excellence Programme drives a change in culture and mindset. Changing how people focus on their day-to-day activities and ensuring accountability for performance across the organisation is the lynchpin of a successful deployment.

Starting with an Operational Maturity Assessment, our Operational Excellence Programme will:

  • Deliver sustainable improvements in operational performance and capability
  • Optimise profit by reducing costs and improving quality
  • Upskill your team through targeted coaching and training
  • Engage and equip your teams to improve or transform end-to-end processes
  • Ensure accountability for performance at the right levels across your business
  • Empower individuals to continually implement process improvements

True operational excellence is not an end point, but a journey. Our experienced team of professional consultants and coaches can help you navigate the structural and cultural barriers to success. This will help you to deliver both on your short-term ROI and year-on-year benefits.

Customer Journey 

The interactions customers have with your organisation across all channels are of paramount importance. This involves what your customers do, what they expect and experience, and how they feel about the organisation as a result.

Great products and services are not enough. Your customers’ experience is critical in terms of your long-term profitability and success.

Customers want to choose how they interact with you. They increasingly want to experience a single seamless journey across all touchpoints in your organisation from initial enquiry right through to post-sales support.

With ever-increasing market competition, getting this right is vital in order to retain customers, build loyalty and grow market share. Your customer experience is only as good as what your employees can deliver.

We’ll analyse your operating model and internal capabilities as an integral part of the customer journey. We can:

  • Review and diagnose customer experience across all channels
  • Map processes impacting customer experience across all touchpoints
  • Quantify the realistic benefits that can be realised by improving the customer journey
  • Systemically implement changes to improve performance