The Challenge

Provide leadership and governance for implementation of an Operational Excellence (OpEx) programme for multiple business services for a global retail bank.

What we did

Implemented a programme governance model to support an OpEx implementation spanning 9 locations across India, China, UK, US, Mexico, and Poland.  Working with a team of Engagement Leads and Operations Consultants in coaching Team Leaders in the use of key OpEx tools including visual management, capacity planning, and active performance management, to improve work rate and create capacity in their teams.


The team coached c300 Team Leaders responsible for around 4,000 Analysts to deliver 20% increase in capacity which could be re-invested in business growth.  We also worked with senior leaders and SMEs to develop sustainability plans build capability.

“I am focussing more on planning, scheduling, and improvement topics which turn in better team results and overall team engagement”

“My team is highly motivated to achieve not only individual target but also the team target”

“My team now has a consistent approach and awerness in terms of productivity, quality, team goals, and expectations”

Various Team Leaders