The Challenge

To support and provide capacity for the college’s drive towards a more collaborative and continuous improvement based culture by designing and implementing an improvement programme that engaged staff at all levels across the college to drive increased accountability and address outdated processes and ways of working.

What we did

​An initial 5-day diagnostic gained consensus around prioritised pain points across the organisation, including potential improvement to the learner journey, clarification of roles and responsibilities, apprenticeship development, and opportunities to further drive the college’s digital ILT strategy.  9 improvement projects were scoped out with Executive sponsorship and delivered using cross-functional teams, with our support in design of a bespoke methodology aligned to the college’s core values, programme governance, project team support to drive progress towards agreed goals, and coaching to middle and senior managers in adopting new ways of working.


Our initial diagnostic gave senior management an external perspective and the headspace to envisage how a cross-college improvement programme could not only deliver some specific outcomes, but also provide a mechanism for staff development, increased collaboration across levels and functions, and evidence the college’s new, more forward thinking approach.  A programme of improvement projects with involvement from staff, learners, and governors, underpinned by a tailored communication plan, delivered significant improvements to the staff and learner experience and established a sustainable framework for future collaborative working.

“BMC played a critical role in enabling us to dramatically improve a number of key college processes and ways of working, at the same time as gaining widespread buy-in to the work and ownership of the outcomes.  Their analysis was thorough and rational; their presentation clear and crisp and their leadership of the establishment and ongoing monitoring of the projects was well-considered and carefully applied.  They brought just enough discipline to the project management process to keep the projects moving forward at pace, without it ever becoming too bureaucratic.  Their communication with me was timely, proactive and incisive and enabled me to take the appropriate steps to ensure that every project delivered very effectively on time.  Their support to project leaders was individualised and well-judged which enabled each of them to develop through the process and be keen to do it again!  We would not even have been able to begin this work without BMC and so their input has been invaluable”.

Andrew Cropley

Principal / CEO, Vison West Nottinghamshire College