The Challenge

Design a methodology and deliver a programme to coordinate 17 different work streams to reduce costs and improve key areas of the college business, while introducing a new commercial way of thinking to the college leadership and management team.

What we did

Used a 6 Sigma methodology to structure 17 different projects under two programmes, one focused on efficiency and one focused on strategic reviews and commercial growth.  Engaged more than 80 staff across the organisation in project teams, and provided leadership coaching on project management and lean principles.  To ensure sustainability, a Business Improvement Team was established and trained to take forward the new way of working and lead development of the next wave of improvement projects.


6 month programme delivered, staff trained, and in excess of £1m annual savings identified and secured.

Craig programme managed a series of business improvement initiatives for the College. Aside from the direct benefits, which were significant, he introduced to the College a method of working and driving efficiency which will stand us in good stead going forward. On a personal note Craig was great to work with, adopting a flexible and pragmatic style that well suited a body having to confront some difficult choices.
Roger Bevan

Group Finance Director, Warwickshire College

Craig has made a significant difference at Warwickshire College, leading a business efficiency programme which has helped to not only make real cost savings but also to change the way in which we undertake our business. He is a skilled programme manager who has integrated well into the college, understood the culture and shaped people’s approach. He is meticulous with detail and able to analyse quickly and effectively to bring solutions whilst supporting and developing our talent.
Sue Georgious

Interim Principal & CEO, Warwickshire College Group